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In Memory of Chin Yoong Kim


The late Mr. Chin Yoong Kim was an amazing teacher.  He was well known  for his sincere smile and he was a humble person.  Indeed, he was  a wonderful teacher, music inspirator and a stalwart of Ipoh ACS Alumni Association.

Mr. Chin Yoong Kim passed away at 11.10p.m., Wednesday, 16.11.2022.  People from far and near came to pay their last respects at Heavenly Home, Ipoh.  The late Mr. Chin Yoong Kim had dedicated his entire teaching career to SMK Methodist ACS Ipoh, Perak.  He had touched many thousands of students through his teaching of English & Geography, and was involved in many of the school plays .

The late Mr. Chin was truly a living legend, an icon  of ACS  Ipoh and a very special breed of educators.  He immortalised the  ACS Ipoh school song  and ethos.  His long service on the Ipoh ACS Alumni Association EXCO stands to be emulated.  He had become more of a friend and mentor to alumni after their student days.

Mr. Chin Yoong Kim, will be deeply missed.  He truly dedicated his entire teaching career to his students.  He had a special affection and was caring towards his students.  He was soft spoken and humble.  Everyone will  miss him.  May his soul rest in peace.

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