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/ oleh Yu. Aishah Harun


Great news ‼️‼️💥💥🔥🔥

The time has come to Bee the Best‼️‼️

Yes, Bee the Best! In Spelling Competition.

English Language Panel for Secondary School of AYU will be holding a 10 weeks Spelling Bee programme and it is called “AYU Spelling Bee”.

Every week participants will be tested in various ways. There will be a few rounds of spelling competitions, from Preliminary round until the Grand Final. Be with us till the end and let’s find out together who is Bee the Best!!!!

In this 2nd Episode, we will start the first test of preliminary rounds. There will be three questions and participants need to answer all questions within the time given. There is also a spelling game for all to have fun with.

WAIT NO MORE !!!!💥💥🔥🔥

Lock this date and time in your reminder.!!!

AYU SPELLING BEE will be held as the following :


💥💥 Date : 23th July 2021

💥💥 Day : Friday

💥💥 Time : 12.30 pm

💥💥 Youtube Link :


Participants will receive an AYU SPELLING BEE  certificate on the 10th week.

Let’s invite everybody to come and watch this live broadcast.


Inisiatif :

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