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Rome is not built in one day


Let us do some reflection on DIDIK TV.


Some people say KPM should have started DIDIK TV since PKP started March 2020.  Well, firstly, back then nobody knows how long Covid-19 is going to last.  Everybody was hoping things will be back to normal soon enough.  Unfortunately, that is not the case.


Secondly, it takes a lot of thinking, planning and preparation to venture into such a big scale project like this.  Rome is not built in one day.


Even when DIDIK TV is launched, it does not mean that the program is already perfect.  It is still in its infancy stage.  Let us support this program, not condemn it.


Then there is the issue of ‘somebody’ condemning the grammar and pronunciation of a science teacher teaching in English.  Science teachers are not trained to speak English. They are content expert of science, not English.  The teacher is brave enough willing to contribute for the benefit of students all over Malaysia. I cannot imagine an English content expert teaching science subject.  Can the students understand the science content that she/he is trying to teach?


I salute you, science teacher, for having the courage to teach science in English in front of the tv camera.  You have a lot of tasks at school – PdPr, daily PdPr report, preparation of online class materials, administrative tasks, etc, but you still make the time and effort to contribute. 


Thank you, teacher, for making the effort.

Thank you, teacher, to represent teachers all over Malaysia who are already very busy with our ‘tugas hakiki’ but still make the effort to contribute to society.


Thank you, teacher, for staying strong even though some segment of the society still tries to find our faults and hit it in a cruel way. We are open to kind words of guidance…


We at Akademi Youtuber, our hearts go out with you.  When we started teaching online all over Malaysia in YouTube in October 2020, we are not perfect too.  There are some weaknesses and mistakes, but we always upgrade our SOP and quality along the way. 


Quality is a process, not an overnight thing. 


Be brave teacher.  We, teachers at Akademi Youtuber ( are behind you.  Thank you, teacher, for your ‘all in one’ task to go online.  May Allah bless you and all the teachers in Malaysia.  Aameen


Written by

Teacher Yuhaida @YuhaidaYusof

Akademi YouTuber

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Nurulhana Hussain

Self motivated individual who believes in life long learning be it formal or informal. Jannah is her ultimate goal.

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