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Congratulations Teacher Mage!


This posting is especially dedicated to Teacher Umamageswary Muniandy or dearly known as Teacher Mage. Teacher Mage is currently teaching at SK Sungai Dua, Penang. She is active in publishing tutorial videos on using digital applications to enhance teaching and learning in her YouTube channel.


Her excitement and non-stop effort in sharing her knowledge through the videos she published in her YouTube channel had made it possible for her to be invited as a speaker in a national level webinar which was held from 9th to 11th February 2021.  She was one of the speakers in TVET Resetting Norms Webinar Series 2021 which was organised by the Center for eLearning & Teaching, Instructional & Digital Learning Division, Polytechnic & Community College Educational Department, Ministry of Education Malaysia.


In the webinar, Teacher Mage shared tips and tricks of conducting teaching and learning in the new norm, specifically on ‘Activities and Tools to increase students’ involvement during online teaching and learning’.


Teacher Mage expressed her gratitude towards Akademi Youtuber for the opportunity to learn and upgrade her ICT skills. The experiences she gained in giving tutorials to fellow AYU teachers and conducting live-streaming tuition classes several times have made it easier for her to speak during the webinar.

Congratulations Teacher Mage!


Visit Teacher Mage’s Channel:


Teacher Mage tutorial videos playlist:






Written by,

Cikgu Hana@Nurulhana2000

AYU Press Official

Akademi YouTuber


Video link:


Cikgu Hana’s Channel:

Nurulhana Hussain

Self motivated individual who believes in life long learning be it formal or informal. Jannah is her ultimate goal.

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