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1st Runner Up Wow PDPC Video! Congratulations Blessed Fairy!


Assalamualaikum and good day to all,

Congratulations to AYU Teacher Farida binti Mohamad from SM Teknik TAR Putra, Penang, the proud owner of Blessed Fairy YouTube Channel.


Teacher Farida had won the second place in a Wow teaching and learning Video competition which was held when she attended a national level programme called ICT and Digital Literacy for Teachers and Instructors which was jointly organised by The Technical and Vocational Education Department, Malaysia Research Institute for Education and Training (My Rivet) and Unesco-Univoc.


Teacher Farida expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all the mentors, and everyone concerned in Akademi Youtuber in her appreciation note video. She added that it is because of AYU, she learned a lot about YouTube and video editing. 

She shared that among the criteria taken into consideration for winning are set induction, use of educational technology, students' interaction, and involvement during or after lesson activities.

You can watch her full video using this link

You can check out her winning video here too






Cikgu Hana @Nurulhana2000

AYU Press Official

Akademi YouTuber

Video link:

Cikgu Hana’s Channel:


Nurulhana Hussain

Self motivated individual who believes in life long learning be it formal or informal. Jannah is her ultimate goal.

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