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Earth day 22nd April


Happy Earth Day to everyone.

Everyday is earth day.    World Earth Day is a big initiative to bring into light the current scenario of the planet.  Though we think Earth is safe place to live in, the reality is rather bitter.

Life on Earth obviously depends on the balance we maintain to preserve the sustainability .  Taking this into thought, each year on April 22nd is celebrated as Earth Day.  
This day is to educate and alert people about the urge to save our planet.  We should learn to recycle used resources than to dig them again for some other purpose.  We should take combine efforts to make World a better place to live in.

Most of us know that the World is facing many serious environmental issues.  But how many of us know what needs to be done in order to take part in stopping this global ussue.  If each one of us understand and take responsibility in saving Mother Earth is definitely a possible change.

Creating awareness to people who are ignorant is yet another way to Save Earth and her resources from endanger.  Spread initiatives and live an example so that others will follow it.  There is nothing as good as contributing to Earth Day than helping to fix the environment.
Happy Earth Day to everyone.  

Special thanks to my students for sharing information based on Earth Day.

Speaking activities :-
1.Do you like spending  time in  nature ? Why ? / Why not ?
2.What do you think there are the  most important environmental  issues our planet is facing today ?
3.  What do you do to protect the environment ?

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